5 comments on “Hello, I Alive And Pushing Forward

    • Hi and thank you for the pep talk for Gia. She is actually stable on her cancer and now has to be evaluated for degenerated shoulders which have huge effusions of fluid and debri. Her Oncologist wants her to see if there is any possibility of shoulder replacements as hers are so bad, she is not to exercise them. We are thrilled that her cancer is stable. Going to have a Pet scan again in a few weeks to check. I am helping her type as she is in extreme arm pain and can’t sit up or stand for too long. She have such a hard time staying positive. Congratulations on beating melanoma! You are right mental outlook has to go with the physical. Will do our best to post. Have just been overwhelmed with financial issues and the rest you know. God Bless

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  2. OMG we have got to get connected!!!!!! I am on Protandim for 2 years now, that’s why I have only a slow moving Lung Cancer. Starting radiation this thursday. I take 2 Protandims a day now. I drink Herbal Life’s shake to stop the weight loss. I was/am on oxygen prior to this for 3 years now. And prior to that, July 5, 2000 ended my 28 yr career as a Medic, disabling me with severe nerve damage, blowing out C 4-5-6 vertebrae. On enough drugs to stone a horse, but need every pill I take. Had two surgeries. Got a plate but with a loose screw LMAO Seriously, it’s rubbing on C7 and need surgery to fix it all again. Sweetie, we’ve got to connect. Now if you tell me you are a farmer’s daughter and played the drums in school then I would say I found my twin. LOL I blog too but I make money doing it. OMG I need to help you with that. on Facebook I am RosannAt.angelhaven I think. Oh well just put in my name and find me. I put in my website blog below for you to go check out. I just put a bunch of research papers in there from pubmed dot org. on Protandim. That is how I found you because I use Zemanta on my blog and your article came up. I have it on my blog for related articles to read. I live one hour straight east of St. Louis, MO which is Siteman’s Cancer Research Center where I am going to at Barnes/Jewish Hospital. I go there for Pain Management too. I will pray for you tonight, every night and send you energy and a white light, green too for healing LOL. I also was a Professional Videographer and Post Production Editor especially for Cancer Relay for Life for 5 years until I’ve lost all strength and control in my arms. My hands are already numb. My nerves are dying like a tree does. I feel ya on the cost of food and shakes plus medicine with being on Medicare and a supplement sucks. Wasn’t so bad when I was able to be on a private insurance as a supplement but that had to end. Dammit! LOL My fear is to be like you and have more than one cancer. That’s why, one reason why I am taking 2 Protandim now. You can read about it in my blog in the research papers. I have got to get you in Empower Network so you can afford the best babe. You deserve the best! You’re a Mom, my God, you have got to have the best for your kids. I got to get to bed. I’m only out of it for about 6 hours a day. Sucks, some days it’s more. Please, please, please take care and let’s connect. God bless you Gia. Rosann Gebke a.k.a. Wildangel (my medic nickname) You are fixable, we all are fixable, just remember that!

    • Hello Rosann,

      This is Gia’s daughter, Ang. I am so sorry it has taken us so long to get back to you. We have had a terrible time keeping up on our mortgage and etc. Also Mom has just been in so much pain in her arms, that she is not well enough, to go see an orthopedist. She is also still not up to “par” and just has been depressed alot lately. I read your comment to her and you are amazing! We will pray for your too. We all take Protandim and we are big believers too. I feel bad that we have not kept up on the site. I will look at your site, as it would be great to make some money which we are in desperate need of. I am typing tonight as Mom’s shoulders are so deteriorated, that she has huge effusions in her arms and she has to keep the use of her right arm at a minimum. Mom wants you to know she is in bed quite a bit too as she can’t handle the arm pain for very long sitting up or standing. All the supplements and medications are truly too expensive, but yes we all need them. You keep strong too. Thank you so much for the beautiful comment. I will help Mom typing as possible. I am working two jobs trying to come up with our mortgage in which we are two months behind which is stressing us out. We will keep plugging along. Hope to keep in touch. God Bless, Gia and Ang

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