3 comments on “Day 47- Another Good Day And Enjoying It Before Chemo Tomorrow

  1. I’m being very lucky with chemotherapy symptoms, but my hair has suddenly started falling out big time! I’ve had it cut short already, and just wash and condition it very gently, run my fingers through it and let it dry naturally. But it’s still going!
    I’m looking at the positive side, though, and am enjoying a dramatic change of style, with big,jazzy earrings and some wild turbans and bandeaux bought online.
    I was envious of one site you have in the US called ‘Chemo Savvy’! I thought that was a cool and amusing name.
    I’m not too worried about the baldness. I’m just going to enjoy all this new headgear after a lifetime of being a committed non hat wearer! But I’m finding this intermediate stage a bit tough. I can’t work out how to cope with loose hair all over the place. I’m almost beginning to feel I would like to shave it all off and get it over with, but hubby Isn’t keen.

    • The hair loss is so strange. My daughter’s best friend told me she shaved her head when it started to fall out. Her husband got used to it. At first her hair came back very curly. She now has her thick hair again. Today at chemo one of the ladies said her hair got thicker. I spoke with the nurse practitioner and she said Taxol makes your hair fall out. Depending on the dose it may fall out completely or just get thinner. Thank goodness for the fun options for us to wear. It is good to hear from you. Keep strong too. I actually have felt better so far after my chemo today.

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