12 comments on “Day 32- Chemotherapy Is a Bitch!

  1. Had my first chemotherapy yesterday. Not too bad, but, unlike you, drinking loads and hardly peeing at all! Going to explode soon.
    I’ll try some gentle walking later and see if it helps to relocate my bodily fluids!
    Feeling a bit nauseous, off and on, but the antisickness drugs seem to be working. Keep your chin up, and try to keep eating well. We’re fighting it now!

    • I am glad to hear your first chemotherapy treatment was not too bad. Isn’t is weird how our bodies react so differently? I take cranberry extract and that might get you going. My daughter sometimes retains water and it helps her also. I finally feel a little better tonight, but I have another chemo session tomorrow. I am taking Protandim also which will help with chemotherapy and is FDA approved. Check out livelifehealer.com for more information. I also take a a lot of tumeric and that is helping too. Take care and we will win our fights.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Protandim before. I see it contains some of the things I’ve been taking separately – milk thistle, green tea and turmeric. I’ve stopped the milk thistle on advice from the hospital, but I’m not sure.
    I had a scare this morning. I got a fever and had to dash to hospital for IV antibiotics, blood tests, x-ray, and more. So it’s not all plain sailing for me!
    I am in pain when I stand up too long, which I find very frustrating because I love to cook and I can’t stand in the kitchen for long enough these days. I have to do the preparation in several short bursts!
    I hope the chemotherapy went well today. Do you get a break at all? Or is it every week for 6 months? Mine is 6 cycles of 3 weeks.

    • I am sorry you got a fever today. I have to take my temp every day too. It could happen at any time if our white blood cells get too low and I was told if that happens, I have to go on IV antibiotics too. It’s frustrating as you never know how our body will react. Its better to be safe and ward off infection. Sounds like they got right on it for you. As for the Protandim, I have actually increased to taking it 2 times a day and my energy is better. It has been FDA approved and proven to help with chemotherapy so I increased my dose as I heard other cancer patients have done that with great results. If you choose to try it, I hope it helps you too. My Hemoglobin stayed the same and my Hematocrit was a bit better. My oncologist said my Pet scan did show 2 lymph nodules outside the peritoneum, but said my treatment would take care of it. Unfortunately it is classified stage 4 due to the area, but he said it is still treatable and there are no masses or lesions and that was good. He was very encouraging and thought I was a bit stronger today. I did feel a bit better today and so far I feel okay tonight. As you know each day is a new one. I actually clarified my treatment today and it is like yours, 6 cycles of 3 weeks for now, depending on how fast it gets treated. Hang in there and I will too. We will win and get rid of our cancer!

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